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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be a non-denominational church?

A non-denominational church is a church that is not formally aligned with a particular denominational organization but is completely autonomous; meaning that it does not get direction as to policy or worship practices from any regional or national organizations.  We do not look to man-made organizations for doctrine but claim the tenet of "sola scriptura" - the Bible alone is the source of doctrinal authority.

What can I expect at a service?


Praise and Worship:  Our service is relaxed and comfortable.  We will begin at 9:30 AM with Praise and Worship.  Feel free to join us in singing; the words will be up on the screen for you to follow.


Message:  The message will be Bible-based.  We have blue guest Bibles for you to use.


Fellowship:  After service we have coffee, donuts or something delicious made by our church members. 


Bible Study: Our Bible study begins at 11:00.  You do not need any experience in Bible study, you do not need to have been present last week, you do not need to have a study book and you do not need to know ANYTHING about the Bible at all!  In fact, we welcome you as a guest even if you prefer not to participate.  Just sit back, observe and absorb!  



Where do I take my children?

We have Junior Church at 9:30 as well as Sunday School at 11:00.  Visit our Children's Ministry Web Page for more information.

Can I get baptized?
Absolutely!  We would just need to sit down with you and talk about your understanding of baptism's meaning and significance.

Can I get married in your church even if I am not a member!
We do not presently have facilities available for weddings, however, our pastors could suggest wedding location ideas and would love to officiate where ever you choose.